Shop Machinery / Equipment

The TruMatic 1000 fiber is a laser machine that punches holes, bends flanges, and forms threads.  It is the world's most compact punch laser machine.

Innovative Drive - The patented Delta Drive eliminates the need for the sheet and support table to move in the Y axis, because it enables the punching head to "fly", i.e. to move back and forth.

Automatically well sorted - The machine automatically sorts parts up to a size of 7 x 7 in.

Clever unloading - A large part removal flap enables automated unloading of parts up to a format of 16 x 24 in.

The Vertical Machining Centre Alu Ranger 6321 V-GROOVE takes the name of the unique "V" grooving cutterhead disc which allows you to increase considerably the daily output.  This machine has been conceived to obtain the best productivity performances with  composites materials: ACM - ACP - Alucobond® - Alpolic® - Dibond® - Larson® - Reynobond® - Alubond® - Albond® etc.  Space, two machines in one, speed ergonomics, easy to use are important words all summarized in theVertical Machining Centre Alu Ranger 6321 V-GROOVE.

Video link of Alu Ranger in action:


TruBend Center Series 5030 - The TruBend Center 5030 sets the standard when it comes to flexibility during panel bending.  Discover what is arguably the widest range of parts in this machinery category with the semi-automatic TruBend Center 5030.  Go far beyond traditional panel bending capabilities, process complex work pieces quickly and with flexibility.  Produce components for an array of industrial purposes and applications, from delicate shrouds up to large-scale trays.

Video link to TruBend in action:



Achieve smooth edge quality, precise hole cutting, and high accuracy through advanced engineering. With high quality components and the strictest assembly and testing methods in the marketplace, the MetalMaster Evolution® will take your shop to the next level. This multiple process cutting machine includes many options such as plasma beveling, cutting, marking, and so much more, with a capacity up to 1 1/2" thickness.

Video of Messer machine in action:

The latest evolution of the traditional bending roll, the Faccin 3HEL is the most precise, sturdy and versatile electronic pyramidal 3-roll bending roll in its class. This 3-roll double pinch bending roll is designed and built by Faccin for meeting the needs of metal fabrication.


Video of the Faccin roller in action:

MCA - Four Roll DAVI roller - Innovative and exclusive in design, to roll plate up to 10-15 mm (1/2 inch) thick. Accurate, fast, easy and intuitive, it is the most high-tech plate roll for “light gauge” in the market.


Video of DAVI roller in action:

Ocean Clipper CNC Angle - 6" x 6' x 5/8" HR. The unique patented design of the Ocean Clipper gives it an edge in the market place where processing clip angles and long bracing angles is a necessity.


Video of Ocean Clipper CNC Angle in action:

Accurshear - 10' Capacity Length, 3/8" HR & 1/4" SS Capacity Thickness. The North American built Accurshear is a combination of simplicity and a strong, proven design. This heavy duty shear can tackle any application.

HYDMECH - An automatic scissor style band saw providing exceptional miter cutting capability for industrial applications.


Video link of saw in action: