Mastering the art of Tube Fabrication with precision

At John W. McDougall Co., we elevate tube fabrication to an art form with our advanced Tube Lasers. These machines redefine what’s possible in this realm. With meticulous attention to detail, we craft each tube, each angle, with unwavering accuracy. Your designs come to life with the utmost precision.

Turn your vision into a masterpiece with Tube Lasers

Our Tube Lasers are versatile masters, capable of handling square and round tubing, angle, channel, beams, extrusions, and more. There are virtually no limits to the shapes and configurations we can create. Your vision becomes our canvas. Our Tube Lasers can produce holes, slots, shapes, bevels, live tool tapping, and flow drill operations with remarkable precision. Your projects will be transformed into works of art.


Less boundaries, more versatility

Our capabilities extend to tubes up to 10 inches in diameter and 28 feet in length, with a wall thickness of up to 1/2 inch. Whether you’re working on intricate designs or large-scale industrial applications, we have the capacity to meet your needs.

A new means of creativity

Tubes and profiles are used everywhere – from mechanical engineering and system construction all the way to the furniture industry. Lasers have opened up new design possibilities, so more and more designers are taking advantage of the benefits of laser-cut tubes and profiles thereby considerably increasing demand. Discover all-round solutions for the world of laser tube cutting

Elevate with McDougall

Ready to elevate your surfaces with Tube Fabrication? Contact us today and embark on a journey where innovation meets elegance, and where your design visions become realities that stand the test of time.

Featured Projects

Nashville, TN - 2020

5th + Broadway

Specialty Buildings

Pike County, IN - 2020

Elmer Buchta Technology Center

Specialty Buildings

Highland Heights, KY - 2020

Northern Kentucky University Natural Science Center

Colleges & Universities

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