TRUMPF’s TruMatic 7000 Laser Punch sets the gold-standard for efficiency and precision

We push the boundaries of sheet metal processing with the help of TRUMPF’s TruMatic 7000 Laser Punch. This groundbreaking machine is the pinnacle of efficiency, precision, and productivity, seamlessly combining the advantages of both punch and laser processing. The TruMatic 7000 is engineered to meet the most demanding standards for part quality, productivity, and flexibility. Thanks to its active die feature, we can produce flawless, scratch-free parts and unparalleled flexibility in the forming process.

Efficiency beyond compare

Our unwavering commitment to operating with peak efficiency is exemplified through the use of the TRUMPF TruMatic 7000. With its remarkable lights-out capabilities, this state-of-the-art machine stands ready to operate tirelessly, around the clock, meaning your projects benefit from an unprecedented level of uninterrupted productivity, ensuring they are completed in record time. Your deadlines will become our benchmarks, and we pride ourselves on surpassing them.

Expansive Sheet Size, Unmatched Capability

The TRUMPF TruMatic 7000 boasts an expansive sheet size of 60” x 144” accommodating a wide range of project dimensions. With the ability to handle materials up to 5/16” thick, there are virtually no limits to what we can achieve. Your vision, regardless of scale, is our canvas.

The Largest Laser Punch Combo in North America

Size does matter, and in this case, it’s a testament to our commitment to excellence. Our TRUMPF TruMatic 7000 is not just exceptional; it’s the largest Laser Punch Combo in North America. This distinction reflects our dedication to being at the forefront of the industry.

Ready to redefine your sheet metal processing project?

When you choose John W. McDougall Co., you’re choosing a partner who doesn’t just meet expectations; we exceed them. With our TRUMPF TruMatic 7000, we’re elevating sheet metal processing to new heights. Contact us today and experience the future of sheet metal fabrication.

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