Precision Bending with
cutting-edge machinery

At John W. McDougall Co., we reshape the future of precision bending with our formidable arsenal of eight CNC Press Brakes. We proudly partner with industry leaders like TRUMPF and Safan. These brands are synonymous with quality, reliability, and performance. By investing in their machines, we ensure that our clients receive nothing less than the best when it comes to precision bending.

Unleashing power and versatility with TRUMPF

Bending is not just a process; it’s an art form. Our arsenal of CNC Press Brakes redefine what’s possible in precision bending. With meticulous attention to detail, we craft each bend and angle, with unwavering accuracy. The TruBend Series 5000 is TRUMPF’s most successful bending machine worldwide. This means from programming, to setup, to bending, production productivity will be unmatched. Innovative features such as the lower tool displacement and the 6-axis backgauge provide you with complete production freedom.

Control and precision in every bend

Our CNC Press Brakes are powerful and versatile. With the ability to exert up to 350 tons of force, there are no limits to what we can achieve. With every bend, we redefine the limits of what’s possible. Your vision becomes our challenge, and we relish the opportunity to exceed your expectations. From the most delicate bends to the most robust configurations, we adapt to your project’s unique requirements.

A Max Width of 4 Meters

Size matters, especially in precision bending. With a maximum width of 4 meters, our press brakes offer an expansive canvas for your projects. Whether you’re working on intricate designs or large-scale industrial applications, our capacity knows no bounds.

Experience the McDougall touch

Ready to redefine your precision bending project? Contact us today and experience the precision and power of the future with John W. McDougall Co. We are dedicated to pushing boundaries and exceeding your expectations. With us, your projects aren’t just completed; they’re perfected.

Featured Projects

Nashville, TN - 2020

5th + Broadway

Specialty Buildings

Pike County, IN - 2020

Elmer Buchta Technology Center

Specialty Buildings

Highland Heights, KY - 2020

Northern Kentucky University Natural Science Center

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