Architectural Facade Solutions

Our Architectural Façade Solutions division provides exterior wall panel and other building envelope systems in a variety of product and installation options. From our most requested products of aluminum composite panels, high pressure laminate plate and insulated metal panels, to more unique options such as aluminum plate panels, stainless steel plate panels and composite shingles, we create custom facade systems for all needs in commercial construction. We have worked over the years to create complete systems for a wide range of budgets for our customers. Our company is known for its longevity and leadership in the exterior commercial construction market. We have developed products, processes and procedures that have changed industry standards, giving our customers a better product at a better value.

The GENESIS™ Rainscreen Series

The GENESIS™ Rainscreen Series is a McDougall Family of Companies system that can be customized to meet an infinite number of possible needs for the designer.  GENESIS™ provides a unique look along with easy installation.  Constructed with plate aluminum, the panels are light weight and durable. The system provides ½" wide by 1 3/4” deep panel joints, different options for joint layout, staggered or inline, as well as built-in channels to shed water. We also offer any type or design style of perforation and/or embossing and textures.   The GENESIS™ Rainscreen Series attaches straight to the wall, no shims or caulking required.
To download a copy of the GENESIS brochure, click here:  Genesis Rainscreen Series Brochure
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System Specifications:  JWMcD Specification

Series 600N - Wet Seal

The Series 600N Wet Seal panel system is proven rout and return wet (caulk joint) system that provides airtight and watertight barriers for building exteriors. These systems were developed to give designers, architects, and general contractors the ability to incorporate aluminum and/or aluminum composite panel systems at prices comparable to foam core panels. As with all McDougall panel systems, the 600N system utilizes continuous extrusions at the perimeter of the panel. Incorporating the male/female attachment method allows the McDougall system to accommodate thermal as well as seismic movement without buckling or joint failure.

Series 600N Rain Screen

The Series 600N rain screen panel system is a rear ventilated rain screen system that also provides a ½" wide x 1" deep reveal between adjacent panels. This system is the proven solution to exterior and interior panel needs when visible caulk joints are not desired. Pockets within the continuous perimeter extrusions receive reveal strips that fill the ½" gap between the panels. This reveal strip can be supplied in matching or contrasting colors giving the Series 400 systems a clearly defined joint line between the panels. The Series 600N has been improved to satisfy all requirements of the AAMA 509 test.

Series 608 Pressure Equalized Rainscreen (PER)

The 608 Series PER system meets the AAMA 508 standard for Pressure Equalized Rainscreen (PER), and is structurally tested to make a excellent line of protection for a building envelope. Panels have a ventilated cavity and the 608 PER System can be flexible:
• in shapes -flat or curved
• in sizes - Small as 2” to 5’ wide and length to meet material limitations
• in reveal joint properties of ½’ and ¾” are standard with option of customization of width and color.
• Various materials like ACM, Plate Metal, natural metals, with various thickness
• Solid or custom perforated panels