Another Happy Client

November 06, 2019

Our Vice President of Operations for our industrial division was recently contacted by a very satisfied client in Puerto Rico, who sang the praises for one of our project managers – Riley Fields.  We love hearing from happy clients – how can we exceed YOUR expectations?


I was recommended to your company by Glasstech, a glass tempering furnace manufacturer in Perrysburg, Ohio.


I made contact into your company with Riley Fields who took me by the hand to lead me through the world of duct work. Riley was sent a set of engineered drawings by Glasstech and the journey began. Riley responded with pricing, delivery terms and conditions as well as a proposed schedule. As we proceeded through the process we added to it with an additional hood required for the furnace. Without engineered drawings but with added photographs, we “engineered” the design to make it work and passed it by Glasstech. They thought it would work and we released it for manufacturing. It is being installed as I write this!


My plant is located in Puerto Rico so your company had to deal with further constraints caused by shipping containers with limited dimensions compared with the usual over-the-road trailers. Your shipping department came up with a way to load these huge ducts out in the parking lot to not disrupt your normal shipping activities. Some of the ducts had to be physically modified after your manufacturing to fit into the containers and your shop and shipping personnel came up with some field rigged solutions to ship them and then guide us in reassembling them. Finally, we received (3) containers at the plant, unloaded them in the rain and misplaced a bunch of hardware which had disappeared in a huge collection of received materials. Could not find it! Riley with support from the shippers came to the rescue with a color coded road map of the location of the missing materials in the containers that enabled us to hunt them down and find them both inside and outside our plant.        


I have been in glass manufacturing for over 40 years and without any doubt, your performance on this project is without equal. I have never seen such professionalism, quality, and easy-to-work-with attitudes elsewhere in my career. You should be very proud of your colleagues and I can assure you that they are world class. I have reported all this to Glasstech and I would recommend your firm to anyone that I know in the North American glass industry.  Well Done!!


John Mulvanerty