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McDougall Completing Facade Package for Major Mississippi Project

August 31, 2016
By Kim Taylor (

In conjunction with Roy Anderson Corp Contractors and Cooke Douglass Farr Lemons Architects, McDougall is working on a 15,000 SF ACM, insulated panel and louver package for the new University of Mississippi Medical Center School of Medicine building in Jackson, MS.

As the first dedicated and centralized school of medicine building on the UMMC campus, this 151,000 SF, five-story structure will help advance MS Governor Phil Bryant's goal of increasing the number of physicians working in Mississippi and boosting the state's healthcare economy. Replacing the current school of medicine, built in 1955, the new facility will bring together classrooms, labs, auditoriums and other functions that are splintered across the university.

"Bringing one physician into a community has a $2 million impact," says Governor Bryant. " It is the most effective economic development opportunity we have in the state of Mississippi."

Architects at CDFL incorporated the "brise soleils" technique to the exterior to blend the new building in harmony with the current facility and provide sun shading.