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Pioneer Dredge

Marine Construction

Working with Pioneer Dredge and other marine construction companies over the years, John W. McDougall Co., Inc. has fabricated many components for dredges and other marine vessels including hulls, pontoons, cabins, ladders, a-frames, assemblies and more. Our 100,000 square foot fabrication facility is ideal for construction of exceptionally large projects such as dredges, barges, and other vessels. In this industry, attention to detail and exceptional fabrication is imperative as any leaks or other mistakes can cause a severe delay in launching vessels on site. John W. McDougall Co., Inc. is known in this industry for providing products that are ready to assemble and launch onsite with no leaks. And that is time and money saved for owners.

Pioneer Dredge

To see more photos of some of our marine construction over the years, within the dredging industry in particular, take a look at our Marine Construction Projects page.

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