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“From our first meeting, [McDougall] has had a clear and concise understanding of the project. [McDougall] took the straightest line from mobilization to completion…This project [Bowling Green GM Pretreatment Installation] is being viewed by us and our customer as a complete success…I want to reiterate my appreciation for the quality and professionalism by which your team executed this project.”

--Troy Shinavier / Gallagher Kaiser Corporation

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Over a span of nine decades we have assisted thousands of manufacturers, construction managers and consulting firms in successfully completing their projects. As the foundation of our company, the industrial division of John W. McDougall Co., Inc. has worked in a wide variety of industries including automobile assembly, paint finishing, glass furnace, foundries, nuclear, plastics, chemical, food services, printing, railroad, environmental, power plants, steel, rubber and many more.

From our founding in 1938 as a manufacturers' representative and ductwork fabricator for the commercial air conditioning industry, we have been a part of building everything from military bases and ordnance plants during WWII, manufacturing facilities in post war industry to automotive assembly plants, schools and healthcare facilities. We are proud to have been a part of building up communities and industries through the last 70+ years of our nation's history.

Today we continue to build on that tradition. By incorporating innovative installation and fabrication methods along with a thorough understanding of the overall manufacturing process, John W. McDougall Company is the modern face of experience.

For a better idea of our processes and services, let’s start with a project that encompasses our wide variety of solutions. We provided Lodge Manufacturing with two turnkey dust collection systems for their foundry.