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Industrial High Definition 3D Scanning

Part of providing complete solutions for our customers involves work that was done previously. If you have any type of manufacturing or processing facility, at some point you’re going to need to expand, repair or rework the facility and systems in some way. We have a way to make all of that easier on you. How much easier would it be to plan and design an expansion to your industrial facility or make a repair to your systems if you had a high definition digital 3D interactive model of your current facility? We can provide that for you.

Using our Leica GeoSystems ScanStation, we can come into your facility and create that 3D model for your use. Every tank, pipe, conveyor line, heater box, support beam, fill line, valve, chute, platform and every other fixed object would be recorded in millions of laser data points, creating a 3D point cloud image that you can import into design software and go from there. Our team has years of experience in scanning facilities and can make a clean file of your plant down to 4mm. And because of the hands-off process of scanning, you never even have to shut down operations while we do the scan.

We can provide you with this service only or help you design, fabricate and install a system as needed. The amount of time and money that can be saved by doing a scan of your facility before you start the planning and design process is massive. What could have taken months with hand dimensioning, sketching and using old or outdated 2D print drawings can now be completed for you in a matter of hours.

Give us a call today to start the process of creating a detailed digital model of your facilities and systems. Whether it’s for archiving or planning for an expansion or repair, this process will do the work of a dozen employees.

Plant interior being scanned
High Definition Scan of Plant Interior
Zoomed view of plant interior high definition scan
Product development physical scan
Product development AutoCAD drawing from scan