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Stainless Steel Wall Panels

All of us make allowances and changes throughout the course of planning a project, but sometimes you just can’t accept an alternative. When you need the unique look of stainless steel, there is no imitation or shortcut. Stainless Steel Plate wall panels are extremely durable, rust-resistant, weather well, require little maintenance and have an unmistakable and high quality appearance.

Our experience in using stainless steel for industrial purposes for over 75 years has given us a unique perspective in applying the metal to a building façade. As indicated in these photos, we fabricated and installed a majority of the components on the exterior of this Harley Davidson dealership, from the soffit, wall panels and column covers to the doors, handles and trim pieces. One of the most evident benefits to using stainless steel plate for exterior wall panel applications is the low maintenance. These photos were taken over 15 years after we installed the stainless steel plate and it still looks new.

 With our state-of-the-art equipment, five attachment systems and more than 75 years of experience in the metals industry, John W. McDougall Co., Inc. can provide you with a unique and dependable stainless steel plate solution.

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