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Stonewood Phenolic Architectural Panels

Phenolic Wall Panels

The great thing about phenolic cladding panels is the seemingly endless amount of finish, design and color options. They also provide easy attachment to structures and are extremely tough and durable. We have teamed with Fiberesin Industries to be a certified fabricator and installer for their Stonewood Architectural Panels, a solid phenolic core wall panel that can be used as an exterior façade panel or an interior wall covering.


One of the most prevalent conversations happening now is the request for more “Made in America” products. Stonewood phenolic panels are manufactured in Wisconsin as have been all of Fiberesin’s products for the past 50 years. In addition to getting a quality, long-lasting product that keeps Americans at work in the manufacturing sector, “made in America” also gets you a rapid lead time on orders with a standard production time of three weeks. If you’ve ever had a material change in the middle of a project, you know the value of this quick turnaround. If you’ve ever been in charge of a project in general, you know the value of being able to stay on your construction schedule.

And if, like most design considerations, sustainability is one of your goals, domestic manufactured products can qualify your project for more LEED points. Stonewood Panels are produced with fibers from sustainably managed forests and contain a minimum of 16% post-industrial content. They’re also available with a content of 100% post-consumer wood fibers, for Class B fire-rated only) and with Forest Stewardship Council™ certification. The manufacturer takes its own sustainability into consideration as well – their production facility has been BIFMA® level certified.


If you’re an architect, you want to make sure the product meets quality standards now and in the future so you can let your vision take over and allow your creation to take life. Stonewood Architectural Panels meet the ASTM E-84 Class A and B fire rating and carry a 10-year product warranty. They have a proprietary UV-resistant film to protect against all weather conditions. These panels offer you peace of mind that your design will look as good in real world application as it does in your mind both now and for years into the future.

Stonewood Panels are available in standard patterns and colors to support your foundation of design. But we also offer proprietary patterns and colors as well as matches to other manufacturers to ensure that you have a full palette of options for maximum control of ensuring your design vision. With standard thicknesses of 5/16”, 8 mm, 3/8”, 10 mm, ½” and 13 mm, you also have a choice of custom thicknesses as well.


When a national or international corporation uses a product to represent the first impression of their brand it speaks volumes for the quality of the product utilized. A company’s brand is their “life line,” especially when presented on the exterior of their store fronts and headquarters. The first impression of their brand, their own commitment to quality, is considered with great care. Take a look at the Evanston, Illinois Trade Joe’s project which used Stonewood Architectural Panels for their exterior. Trader Joe’s is known for their longevity with some of their stores having been open for over 20 years. They have a commitment to quality that is arguably unmatched and are very careful to protect their brand. Their choice of using Stonewood to convey the quality of that brand is a great testimony to the Stonewood product.

With a 10-year product warranty, coupled with a 20-year warranty from VaproShield breathable membrane systems, Stonewood panels will provide maximum confidence to the building owner.  Your design and facility is guaranteed to look great today and 10 years and beyond.

For more technical information about Stonewood Architectural Panels, visit their website at .

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