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FedEx Forum six shades of red ACM panels
FedEx Forum (Memphis Arena)
FedEx Forum tower made from Morin F12-0 panels
FedEx Forum - This photo highlights several of the products we used in this project
FedEx Forum (Memphis Arena)

FedEx Forum (Memphis Arena)

Memphis, TN

The FedEx Forum serves as a great example of our company’s diverse product offerings. Containing seven different products and materials that we fabricated and/or installed, this facility remains one of our best projects to date. For the exterior of this facility we fabricated six different colors of Alucobond aluminum composite panels, composite column covers, Morin F12-0 panels, louvers, Morin MR36 ribbed panels, painted perforated aluminum panels (which we made from aluminum plate that we punched and painted) and roll formed perforated stain steel panels (custom made).

This facility also is a great example of the complimentary nature of aluminum composite material which, although it has been in this country for over 40 years, is considered one of the top modern building enclosure materials. The randomly placed shades of red panels were designed to mimic the use of brick which is used on so many Memphis buildings, both old and new and illustrate how the material can be used to compliment more traditional building materials.

“The design of the New Memphis Arena is envisioned as a timeline, a blending of old and new traditions in a way that allows each to remain true to their respective roots while collectively forming a vision for the future,” says Lead Architect Jon Niemuth of AECOM (formerly known as Ellerbe Becket). “This idea is not new to our times, or the city of Memphis, a place whose own evolution is as rich and diverse as history itself.”

The 750,000 sq ft arena is the largest public building construction project in Memphis history. It is home to the NBA’s Memphis Grizzlies and the University of Memphis Tigers basketball team.