John W McDougall Co., Inc.

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Industrial and Architectural Metal Contractor

Digital Loudoun Data Centers

Ashburn, VA

John W. McDougall Co., Inc. teamed with HITT Contracting and Digital Realty in 2014 and 2015 to provide more than 39,000 square feet of aluminum composite material and formed metal wall panels for their newest additions to their data center campus. Using our Series 408 2-inch rout & return pressure equalized rainscreen composite panel extrusion system, we fabricated and installed the entire building enclosure.

Ashburn has become one of the most important data center markets in the country and Digital Realty’s Digital Loudoun campus remains the leader. It is estimated that about three quarters of the world’s internet traffic travels through Loudoun County. Digital Loudoun houses the servers for some of the world’s best known brands and Fortune 500 companies.