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Crimsafe & Eversafe by HanitaTEK Perimeter Security Systems

The world we live in today is not the world of 20 years ago, five years ago, or even last year. Beyond door locks, alarm systems and video cameras, security used to be an afterthought or a low priority at best. But our time to find a better solution to the mass violence that we are now living with on almost a daily basis in this country has come and gone. We need solutions now in order to save the most valuable thing in our world -- human lives.

We have to start collectively looking at security in a different way, a more preventative manner. No security system is 100% impenetrable. What we should aim for is a system that is impenetrable for long enough to allow the authorities to arrive and contain the situation. Whether it’s a school, dorm, church, daycare, government or office building, when vast amounts of people gather in one location the target on that building rises. And when the lives of our children and other loved ones are at stake, every second counts.

Crimsafe Screen Systems and Eversafe by HanitaTEK Security Films are the solid front lines of a preventative security plan. Securing the perimeter is the first step in creating a plan that will make the difference in turning a potential tragedy into a learning experience. There is no better security screen and security film on the market than Crimsafe and Eversafe by HanitaTEK and we have the testing to prove it.

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Crimsafe Product


Crimsafe is a 0.9mm woven stainless steel security screen and frame system that is custom built for each specific application, providing impenetrable protection for the time needed for authorities to respond to a situation. The hinged security doors come with mid-rails and three-point locking as standard features, making the doors even more difficult to breach. The patented woven mesh is clamped between two serrated pieces of metal and then screwed through both mesh and frame to ensure a vice-like grip. Even the screws themselves are proprietary to Crimsafe and can only be removed by a Crimsafe tool.

The 304 steel provides a much stronger mesh to prevent cutting, stronger than any other security mesh on the market. Unlike the other types of steel used in security meshes, 304 steel actually stretches when hit, allowing the screw-clamp system of attachment to the frames create an even tighter grip. Using a foot, sledgehammer, ramming tool, bat or any other method, this screen simply cannot be removed. Even though it’s near impossible to remove the screens from the outside, Crimsafe is fitted with a “Safe-S-Cape” emergency feature that allows it to be removed effortlessly from the inside in case of an emergency.

Using our custom coating, developed with our powdercoat supplier, Crimsafe mesh is highly durable and contains proprietary additives to ensure long life and quality appearance. This product passed the 1,000-hour Salt Spray Test (simulating 10 years of environmental exposure) with such ease, we have the utmost confidence in issuing a 10-year warranty on all Crimsafe materials and workmanship.


Manufactured by the world leader in security glass films, Eversafe by HanitaTEK is produced for resistance to impact, blast and severe weather. When glass (windows, doors, etc) covered in Eversafe film is broken, the film bonds the shards of glass together in place, eliminating the dangerous spray of the pieces into a room. Offered in a wide variety of reflective finishes, these window films provide an extra layer of security by eliminating the ability to see inside a building, all the while allowing a clear view from the inside.

Developed in Israel over 30 years ago, HanitaTEK set out to become the most innovative developer of window film products. With their vast array of product choices and accreditations from the most stringent testing worldwide, they have earned that title.

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In addition to the top level of perimeter security, both Crimsafe screens and Eversafe by HanitaTEK films offer multiple levels of safety and benefits.

Energy Efficiency

Blocking 30% of UV rays, reducing solar heat gain by up to 53% and improving a building’s cooling efficiency from zero to a 3-Star rating, Crimsafe provides added benefits of savings on utility spending. With a 99% blocking of UV rays and rejection of up to 85% of heat gain in a building, Eversafe by HanitaTEK window films create an immediate return on investment.

Fire Attenuation

Crimsafe reduces the intensity of radiant heat and naked flame by up to 45%, confirmed by CSIRO testing. In addition, the screen prevents floating embers from passing through.

Severe Weather

Originally designed in Australia over 20 years ago to protect against hurricanes, Crimsafe is tested to withstand winds up to 200 MPH. In the event of severe weather, the screen prevents tree limbs and other objects from penetrating the perimeter.

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John W. McDougall Co., Inc. is the exclusive reseller and installer for Crimsafe and Eversafe by HanitaTEK products for the commercial market in the United States. Call us today at 615-321-3900 to get testing results and talk about your building’s specific needs in providing the maximum amount of security with the minimum inconvenience.