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Architectural Products

Since our inception in 1938 and with the introduction of aluminum composite material in the late 1970s, John W. McDougall Company has continued to lead its industries in innovative ideas and cutting edge products. We offer a range of architectural product solutions that are ideal for both new construction and renovations. In addition to ACM, McDougall also offers architectural foam panel systems, high pressure laminate panels, phenolic panels, louvers, sunshades, aluminum plate panel systems, stainless steel panel systems, column covers, single skin profile architectural panel systems, canopies, and terra cotta tile rainscreen systems. With five distinctly different attachment systems including wet caulked joint, rainscreen, continuous edge grip, dry gasket, and hurricane tested systems we can meet your needs with both performance and aesthetics. From a sustainability standpoint, all of our products are components of LEED Sustainable Design.

Find out more about each of our products to see which fits the needs for your project:

ACM (Aluminum Composite Material)

Phenolic Wall Panels

Aluminum Plate

Insulated Metal Panels

Stainless Steel Plate