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Architectural Facade Solutions Brochure

Architectural Facade Solutions Brochure

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Architectural Facade Solutions Division

Interesting facts from 2015: Our architectural facade division fabricated 34,740 panels, drew 36,420 fabrication sketches, 57,711 parts for 718,860 square feet of composite material. All the while, our overall error rate dropped to 0.71% for field dimensions, drafting, shop production all combined.

Our Architectural Façade Solutions division provides exterior wall panel and other building envelope systems in a variety of product and installation options. From our most requested products of aluminum composite panels, high pressure laminate plate and insulated metal panels to more unique options such as aluminum plate panels, stainless steel plate panels and composite shingles, we create custom facade systems for all needs in commercial construction. We have worked over the years to create complete systems for a wide range of budgets for our customers. We offer a simple value system, rout & return wet and dry systems as well as rainscreen and pressure equalized rainscreen systems. Basically, if you’re looking for a quality, long-lasting façade for your structure we can work with contractors and owners to fabricate and install the best possible solution.

Our company is known for its longevity and leadership in the exterior commercial construction market. We have developed products, processes and procedures that have changed industry standards, giving our customers a better product at a better value. To better understand how we’ve propelled the industry and continue to envision its direction, let’s talk about where we started.

In 1938, John McDougall Sr. started a company in Nashville to be a manufacturers’ representative for commercial HVAC products. Several years later the business added a sheet metal fabrication shop to make ductwork for the systems they were selling. The business continued to expand and diversify but the metal fabrication shop continued to be the heart of the company. Over the decades, John and his crew built on their reputation for quality and dependability and developed relationships with contractors and business owners across the country. By the 1960s, they were not only getting the attention of manufacturers and contractors in the United States, but those overseas as well.

In the 1960s, a new exterior façade product was introduced into the worldwide construction market that changed the industry of architecture’s first impression. With a flexibility and strength to weight ratio that was unmatched, Aluminum Composite Material quickly gained popularity in the European market. By the end of the decade, Alusuisse (which purchased Alusingen, the company that invented ACM) began looking for American companies with deep connections in the commercial construction market and custom fabrication and installation experience. John W. McDougall Co., Inc. was one of only a few companies chosen by Alusuisse as an exclusive dealer, fabricator and installer to proliferate their new product in the United States market.

Completing one of the first ACM / ACP jobs in North America, we continued to gain recognition from architects and building owners who wanted an increasing array of color and finish options with the flatness and flexibility that ACM offered. But it wasn’t until the late 1970s that the product was put in the national spotlight. It was during that time that McDougall won the contract to fabricate 954 triangle patterns from Alucobond that would be installed on an 18-story geodesic sphere called Spaceship Earth, an iconic attraction in the new EPCOT theme park of Walt Disney World that would become one of the most recognizable structures in the world.

Since then we have maintained our reputation as the most knowledgeable and experienced wall panel / exterior façade solutions provider. We have been called on to participate in what turned out to be groundbreaking and award winning building projects but still have the trust of contractors and owners to give the same commitment and long-term customer service for smaller projects.

We are always working on the process and products that we serve to make sure our customers are getting not only the most value from our systems, but also the most long lasting and dependable products. One such example came in 2004 when we developed a high definition scanning solution for measuring field structures and using the collected data to engineer and fabricate each panel for a perfect fit to the actual as-built structure. This process has eliminated 99% of human error in the measuring and engineering process saving time and money and increasing accuracy of fit and performance of the panel system.

With some of the most high profile architectural structures in the United States, we continue to propel the architectural façade industry forward with new technology and products. We also take pride in our position as a trusted resource for smaller companies and projects who depend on our knowledge and commitment to their projects both now and in the future. We hope to continue to build on our relationships with customers, both returning and new.

For a closer look at some of our work, take a look at our Architectural Projects Photo Gallery.

Disney World's EPCOT Spaceship Earth in Progress
Disney World's EPCOT Spaceship Earth Panels Being Fabricated in our Shop
EPCOT's Spaceship Earth Construction Site